27–31 August 2017 | BERLIN, Germany

Celebrate with us

40th European Conference on

Visual Perception ECVP 2017


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Regular symposia feature 5 to 6 talks of 15–20 min each, plus discussion. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and integrative overview of a lively research area. Organizers should aim for a diversity of ideas and people instead of focussing narrowly on single groups or 'schools'. Ideally, individual talks relate to each other and inspire discussion.

Controversy symposia focus on two (or more) alternative or even opposing views on a current research question. They consist of 4 talks that take different stances on the issue, and a panel discussion. The goal of this format is to bring together researchers from different sides of the fence, engage them in discussion, and identify steps that may lead to a resolution of the controversy.

Both types of symposia will have a total length of 2 hours. The symposium’s organizer or a selected speaker will motivate the general framework of the symposium’s topic and will introduce the speakers to the audience.

Technical hints for talks and posters



Download detailed programme with talks and posters | PDF

(You get your printed copy on-site in Berlin)

Innovations: At some meetings, you may have had the experience that presenting a poster can be frustrating if all other posters on one's own topic are presented at the same time. This often results in a lack of feedback from researchers in the same field (which are presenting their own poster) and reduces your chances to see the posters you are most interested in. In putting together the poster session at this year's ECVP, therefore, we have pursued a new strategy to minimize this conflict. We randomly assigned each poster to a session before sorting posters by topic within each session. This will result in a great variety of topics in each session (something for everyone!) and allow each one of you to get the best feedback while being able to see the posters you would really like to see.

Download overview





Each oral presentation will have a time slot of max 15 min including discussion (12 min talk + 3 min discussion).

Our video projection supports 4:3, however, 16:9 can also be displayed (with black cinema-style bars).


Option A – bring a USB (our preference):

Bring your presentation as PowerPoint or PDF file on a USB Flash Drive and deliver it to the person in charge inside the room during the break 15 min before the session starts (preferably earlier) so there is enough time to transfer and test it.

On our presentation PCs the following software will be available:

Microsoft Office Prof. Plus 2016, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Pro, E-Chalk, VLC-Player

Option B – bring your own laptop:

Should you need your own notebook, please let us know asap! Make sure that you bring your own adapter.

The time for switching notebooks will be deducted from your speaking time!


Posters will be on display for 0.5 days. Please have a look in our detailed programme in order to find out day and time of your poster session.

In order to foster vivid discussions in front of the posters, the poster social will be held without any other parallel events.

The poster unit size is A0 portrait (1189 mm height by 841 mm width). Materials for mounting your posters will be available.  Please do not use any other tapes or glues, and especially no two-sided tapes.

Printing a poster on-site in Berlin

e.g. at digital-printing-hall | COPY-REPRO-CENTER | address: Heinz Wagenhaus, Habelschwerdter Allee 37, 14195 Berlin

Opening hours: Mo-Fr 8 - 20 h;  Sat.  9 - 14 h.

Poster print costs approx. € 35 (A0 format).