27–31 August 2017 | BERLIN, Germany

Celebrate with us

40th European Conference on

Visual Perception ECVP 2017



Regular symposia feature 5 to 6 talks of 15–20 min each, plus discussion. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and integrative overview of a lively research area. Organizers should aim for a diversity of ideas and people instead of focussing narrowly on single groups or 'schools'. Ideally, individual talks relate to each other and inspire discussion.

Controversy symposia focus on two (or more) alternative or even opposing views on a current research question. They consist of 4 talks that take different stances on the issue, and a panel discussion. The goal of this format is to bring together researchers from different sides of the fence, engage them in discussion, and identify steps that may lead to a resolution of the controversy.

Both types of symposia will have a total length of 2 hours. The symposium’s organizer or a selected speaker will motivate the general framework of the symposium’s topic and will introduce the speakers to the audience.



TOPICS for abstract submission

1. 3D vision, depth, binocular vision, rivalry

2. Aging and development

3. Applied vision

4. Attention & visual search

5. Colour vision

6. Computational vision

7. Eye movements

8. Face perception

9. Lightness, brightness & contrast

10 Memory & cognition

11. Motion (incl. biological motion)

12. Multisensory perception

13. Natural images & scene perception

14. Object recognition

15. Perception & action

16 Perceptual learning

17. Perceptual organisation, segmentation and grouping

18. Research methods

19. Spatial vision

20. Time perception and temporal processing

21. Vision & art